Dump Truck Disco

written by Skye Silver, illustrated by Christiane Engel, and sung by Audra Mariel


Meet the author!

Skye Silver (a.k.a. Lisa Rosinsky) drew on her childhood love of toy cars and trucks to write Dump Truck Disco:

"As a kid, I loved playing make believe with my enormous matchbox cars and trucks collection. I named every vehicle and made up stories where they had all kinds of adventures—there were detective trucks and spy trucks and lots of secret missions. So this is basically the book my seven-year-old self wrote!
"Originally, we called this singalong 'The Steamroller Rock,' which I thought was hilarious. . . but then we settled on a disco theme instead. I’m glad we finally landed on Dump Truck Disco because dump trucks are my very favorite construction vehicle! You can load them up with stuff and then DUMP IT ALL OUT!!"

Meet the illustrator!

Christiane Engel grew up in Germany, daydreaming of artwork and adventure. Today she loves writing and illustrating, especially for children and young people. Christiane has also illustrated Baby's First Words and Knick Knack Paddy Whack for Barefoot Books.


Meet the vocalist!

Audra Mariel is a New Jersey-based jazz vocalist whose favorite childhood pastime was staging original (often musical) plays in the living room or the backyard. While working on Dump Truck Disco, she loved dancing to the disco beat — and learning about the machinery!

"Now when I look at a building, or a playground, I'll remember all of the different jobs that need to be done in order for it to be created. It gives me a new appreciation for constructions that I might pass by every day without thinking!

"My favorite character in the story is Garbage Truck Gertie. I think she's so passionate about her job that she gets carried away with it and forgets to be quiet! We should all strive to be like Gertie, and love what we do! Being enthusiastic about your work makes it more like 'play.'"


Meet the expert!

Olenka Villarreal, the Executive Director and Founder of Magical Bridge Foundation and a respected advocate for playgrounds that reflect the needs of everyone, provided her expert input during the creation of Dump Truck Disco. Olenka says she's excited about the singalong because

"It tells a story about a playground where many kinds of people and children can come together to play and, sadly, there are far too few places today like that. . . A playhouse is a magical place for all children and even for adults — and something that hardly any children or parents who use a wheelchair have ever experienced. There are far too many who are overlooked in designing such places. . . 

"Every aspect of the creation of the playground [in Dump Truck Disco] and representation of its visitors was so very meticulaously vetted. . . On behalf of the 1 in 3 people in each of our communities who live with a visible or invisible disability, who also deserve to have fun at a park, thank you!"


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